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Rep. Gwyn Clarke-Reed Supports:

On Education: Supports no change to class size amendment. Supported more funding for public schools and universal Pre-k classes. Support more over sight and transparence on Charter Schools both Public and Private.

On Health Care: Supports the available Health Care Act, expansion of Medicare.  Support the Medical Marijuana Bill.

On Florida Retirement System: Supports-No more cuts for state employees. No changes to Florida retirement system Health Insurance Subsidy program.

On Jobs: Supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.
On Housing: Supported bills to regulate Cobra Homes.  Voted to return funding to the housing Trust Fund program (Ship and Sale).

On Unemployment:  Voted to eliminate the skills testing and restart un-employment benefits.

On Energy: Supported the bill that provided for sales tax free on energy efficient appliances.

On Business:  Supported all bills related to small business.  Supported the House Bill 347/ SB360, regulating commercial parasailing and water sport activities.  The bill was signed into law by the Governor.

Supports legislation that gives equality to all Floridians.

Issues on ballot for November Election

  1. Support land conservation and water amendments. These are our most precious resources. Open space and a good quality of drinking water are very important.

  2. Support use of Marijuana use for certain medial problems. Any relief we can give to people suffering with pain and movement issues will be great.  People who could not function in certain activities will be helped.

  3. Oppose judicial appointments by the outgoing Governor. This would continue to have a bad effect on the judicial system.

  4. The school bond issue.  We must have faith in our school board to do the right thing for our children and teachers. As voters we must keep them honest.

  5. Reauthorization of the Children Services Council. This should get a yes vote. Our children receive lots of assistance from this organization.

I will continue to support legislative action that produces a better quality of life for all Floridians.

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